About Me

w.e. Campbell, AKA. Bill, writes about his life and the bits & pieces that are rolling around in his head. He produces music that comes from his very core. With this site, Bill is leaving evidence of his personal struggle to create a music-centered life; his one true passion.

Bill constantly fights to make his way in this chaotic world of mass-produced materialism; to live up to his values, principals, and beliefs of the intentionally lived simple life. The perfectionist residing within won’t allow him to stop trying to fulfill his dreams and goals.

He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, by way of San Diego, Las Vegas, Buckhannon, WVa, and many stops in between. Mainly he lives in the galactic space of social media, where he reaches out to share the best of who he is with the world.

Take a listen to his music, read his poetry and if you like what you experience, let him know.

You’ll want to check back often for another dose of inspiration. Feel free to leave comments and be sure to subscribe to his feed. Thank you for stopping by…