Fresh Start – An Introduction

The Story Behind PopIt

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By w.e.Campbell

In many ways today is the beginning of change. I have often said that life is like a football game and how there are four quarters of one’s life and that I had been living in the last minutes of the third quarter. For me today is the start of the 4th quarter. Today is the start cast portion in my life.

What a fabulous first paragraph! It captures all of the things you put into words starting out in ones. But I can’t spend 5 minutes one paragraph. This is not going to be a well-crafted, highly stylized set of words are being put to Paige. It is a Daily Journal of thoughts, events, and happenings that are taking place in a very, over stimulated and coffee infused Journey Of My Life. I hope to just capture the mere essence of everything that is going on in my world. Going to do this as a daily blog, diary, Journal whatever you want to call it is what I’m trying to do by putting my mark on the world.

There will be errors put to page in grammar, spelling, word choice and usage- but they will be my words full of passion, hope, as well as pain.

Just in the scope of a few minutes I have looked figure out how to handle the problem of grammar in this Journal that I’m trying to keep. It’s hard enough for me open to slow down my brain point where I can think in complete sentences let alone try to edit and process all the functions that you need to have when you write. But Sean needs to create. And of all the things that I could do back create it’s just basically trying to have a journal to keep track of the things that I’m thinking about. If I can make it a Daily Journal, blog, an exercise in frustration then that is what my hope is

today organize some of the basement two bags of made it close together hey, I got some of the cardboard together, picked up General trash, I took out the garbage trash, I ran a load of laundry,

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